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Unknown Lab Reports- Biol 211L – Spring 2011 Format for Unknown Reports. Scientific reports have to be written in a very specific format which is used in a majority of scientific publications. You are expected to follow this format for both of your unknowns. Each report will contain five sections: introduction, methods and materials, results, discussion, and references. Introduction. This is the section where you introduce your reader to your experiment. The main points should emphasize the purpose and importance of the experiment, why the reader should be interested in your results. This will be a fairly short section in your report. Methods and Materials. This section describes all experimental procedures which were followed. There are different ways of organizing the section, it may be done in prose or in a table format. The important point is that all the tests are included and that the section is organized well. The tests should be separated from each other and easy for the reader to find. You don’t need to copy the procedure for each test from the lab book, instead you may reference each test to where it can be found in the lab book. This section should not contain any results.
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SDSU BIO211L Format_Lab_Reports - Unknown Lab Reports- Biol...

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