Program Planning and Evaluation

Program Planning and Evaluation - Program Planning and...

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Program Planning and Evaluation Paper Jennifer Reyes HSM/270 12/5/2010
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The organization that I have chosen to concentrate on throughout this class is the PEACE Domestic Violence Agency. The purpose of this organization is to reduce the amount of trauma and other effects that domestic violence may have on one. The organization ultimately focuses on helping the victims of domestic violence to become strong again and learn to overcome their battles and continue to live a normal productive life. The goal of this organization in detail is to help young men, women and children affected by domestic violence in hope that the community will become a less violent place to live in. Program Planning and Program Evaluation Program planning is used to create the basic concept of how the program will be ran. Within program planning the organizers of the program PEACE will come up with the basic operation method of the program by laying out the steps and programs that are necessary to get the abuse victims to come into their own. With every situation there are basic ways to go about building the victims confidence back up but there is also the need for special individual attention that each victim will need and require. Program evaluation is important to the organization because it allows the employees and management within the organization to evaluate exactly what type of services are considered helpful and which ones are not as necessary or are not having as
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Program Planning and Evaluation - Program Planning and...

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