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Gas Law Practice Problems: Try the problems at the end of Chapter 8 for the sections on Gas Laws. Check the syllabus for specific ones to try. 1. An inflated balloon has a volume of 0.55 L at sea level (1.0 atm) and rises 6.5 km where the P is 0.40 atm. What is the final V? (Assume T is constant.) 2. A 452 mL sample of gas is heated from 22 o C to 187 o C. What is the final volume assuming pressure is constant? 3. A 483mL sample of SO 2 gas at 0.0 o C and 1.0 atm is heated to 25 o C at a pressure of 740 torr. What is the final volume? 4. A sample of gas has a volume of 350 mL at 27 degrees Celcius. The gas is heated at a constant pressure until the volume is 500 mL. What is the new
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Unformatted text preview: temperature of the gas in degrees Celcius? 5. What volume of air measured at 1.00 atm would have to be put into a car tire with a volume of 14.5 L if the pressure in the car tire is to be 32.0 psi? (14.7 psi = 1 atm) 6. A gas sample has a volume of 2.74 L and a mass of 16.12g and is stored at a pressure of 4.80 atm and a temperature of 25 degrees Celcius. The gas might be CH 4 , C 2 H 6 or C 3 H 10 . Which gas is it? 7. What is the pressure of 10.0 g CO 2 which occupies 33.0L at 22 degrees Celcius? Answers: 1) 1.4 L 2) 705 mL 3) 541 mL 4) 156 degrees Celcius 5) 31.5 L 6) C 2 H 6 7) 1.67 atm...
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Gas_Law_Practice_Problems-2 - temperature of the gas in...

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