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Ethics and the Environment STS 2061 / BSOC 2061 / PHIL 2460 Academic journal entry assignments You will complete six academic journal entries over the semester. These semi-formal writing assignments ask you to integrate and discuss course materials while addressing a particular question or topic. This handout describes the specific assignment and deadline for each of those entries. Together they are worth 12% of your final grade. Each entry should be no more than two typed, double-spaced pages . Please use Times New Roman, 12-point font, double-spacing, and 1” margins on all four sides. Instead of monkeying with the font , font size, and/or spacing, please edit your entry. Although the entries are not expected to be formal papers, their quality should be more substantial than rambling stream of consciousness typed up a half-hour before section (!?). They will be graded on content (thoughtful, substantive responses to the question(s) posed), not organization or grammar. In particular, you must discuss at least two different course materials (lectures, readings, in-class films, etc.) in each entry. These can be materials presented the week the entry is due and/or those discussed earlier in the semester. Your entries will be collected in section each week (if one is due) so please bring them to
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This note was uploaded on 04/28/2011 for the course BSOC 2061 taught by Professor Pritchard during the Spring '09 term at Cornell.

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EE_AJ_assignments_2011SP - Ethics and the Environment STS...

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