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EE_Grading_rubric_SP2011 - Ethics and the Environment STS...

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Ethics and the Environment STS 2061 / BSOC 2061 / PHIL 2460 Grading rubrics Discussion section (20% of final grade) What follows are general guidelines for participation standards in section: A-range : Contributes regularly in section without dominating the conversation. Comments are thoughtful, draw upon the readings and other course materials, forge productive connections among readings and/or between readings and lecture, and enhance discussion. Comments engage other students in substantive discussion; they are not just directed at the instructor. B-range : Contributes in section. Comments generally contribute to class discussion. Comments usually engage other students in substantive discussion. C-range : Contributes weakly. Comments somewhat enhance discussion, but may fail to reflect a clear familiarity and real engagement with the readings and other course materials. Also known as the “warm body” grade (e.g., a student is physically, but not mentally there).
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