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1 D RAWING O RGANIZATION AND C ONSTRUCTION LARC 2123 Design Communications II AutoCAD Week 2 I. Drawing Units A. Drawing Units (un, or pull down menu Format > Units) B. Decimal Units (inches +) C. Architectural and Engineering Units (feet and inches) D. Precision (0.0000) E. Insertion Scale (inches) F. Switching between Architectural/Engineering & Decimal Units 1. The Scale command in the Modify group (sc) 2. Turn all layers on, Scale from 0,0 by 12 or 1/12 II. Layers A. Layer Commands and Display in the Home tab of the ribbon
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Unformatted text preview: B. Layer Properties (la) docking the palette C. New Layer D. Name and Color conventions E. Delete Layer (must be empty) F. Current Layer (also tool button) G. On/Off H. Freeze/Thaw I. Lock/Unlock J. Changing Objects to Other Layers K. Make Objects Layer Current L. Isolate/Unisolate settings (Off/Lock and Fade) III. Properties A. In Home tab of ribbon should always read by layer B. Properties (pr) docking the palette...
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