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EX01 - Requirements Layout draw the 20-stall parking lot as...

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1 Y OUR V ERY F IRST P ARKING L OT LARC 2123 Design Communications II Exercise for Week 1 Assigned: Due: Background Fresh out of school for the summer and full of enthusiasm and vision, you are ready to tackle your first real-world design project at your new internship. You are handed a parking lot, which you see as a good opportunity to show off your dazzling AutoCAD skills (you have to start somewhere…) . Objectives Demonstrate your understanding of the line, arc, circle, move, copy, and rotate commands.
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Unformatted text preview: Requirements Layout: draw the 20-stall parking lot as shown below using only the commands listed above. You do not need to dimension the lot – they are provided for your reference. Planting: shade the parking lot with two sizes of trees. Show them as circles with canopies of 15 and 25. The number and position of the trees are up to you. Deliverable: submit your .dwg file before class on _____ using the digital dropbox ( https://www.uark.edu/dropbox/ ) to [email protected] and [email protected]
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