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file - Place the parking lot in a property boundary that is...

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1 F INISHING E XERCISE 1 LARC 2123 Design Communications II Exercise Week 2 Assigned: Friday 1/28 Due: Monday 1/31 Background You did so well on your first assignment at your internship that they’ve handed you some additional responsibilities, including laying out the building, courtyard, and property limits. To impress them even further, you’ve decided to wow the m with your layer organizing skills. Objectives Convert your previous assignment to architectural or engineering units and organize the file with layers while continuing to practice the basic drawing and modify commands. Requirements “Save As” EX1 as EX2. Make any fixes required based on your EX1 grading sheet. Convert the file to architectural or engineering units. Create building, road, walk, stripe, property line, and tree layers and place the drawing objects on the corresponding layers.
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Unformatted text preview: Place the parking lot in a property boundary that is approximately 200’x400’ with at least 5 sides (irregular in shape). Somewhere within the property, create a footprint of a building and a courtyard that are on a 45-degree angle to the parking lot. The courtyard should be 40’x40’. The building should be “L” or “U” shaped and border 2 or 3 sides of the courtyard. The building wings should be 35’ in width. Create a third tree size (35’ diameter canopy) and create a simple planting plan on the property using all three tree sizes. Deliverable: name ( EX2lastname.dwg ) and submit your file before class using the digital dropbox ( https://www.uark.edu/dropbox/ ) to [email protected] and [email protected] ....
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