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02 The Birth of the Parks Movement 1 The Birth of the Parks Movement The Beautiful The Picturesque Andrew Jackson Downing 1815 1852 Newburgh, New York The Gardenesque American horticulturalist and landscape designer following in tradition of Repton & Loudon Author of a periodical and several influential books on gardening and architecture, including A Treatise on the Theory and Practice of Landscape Gardening Adapted to North America , 1841 Downing’s 1851 plan (below) to transform the Mall into a “national park” that would demonstrate different landscape gardening styles and serve as an arboretum (not implemented) Pierre L’Enfant’s 1791 plan (right) for Washington D.C., which called for the Capitol and White House to be linked by a public promenade, called the Mall (shown in yellow) – “400 feet wide, about a mile in length, bordered by gardens” (not fully implemented) Capitol White House White House Capitol
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02 The Birth of the Parks Movement 2 New Haven, CT 1638 Philadelphia, PA 1683 Savannah, GA 1732 Boston, MA 1630 Washington, DC 1791 Urban Green Space Precedent in America The Romantic Rural Cemetery Mt. Auburn Cemetery Boston, MA – 1831
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