00 Research Paper Tips

00 Research Paper Tips - of what the paper will cover), and...

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Thesis Statement? “Although the artifacts of Japanese and Italian gardens of the seventeenth century appear very different many similarities can be drawn.” “The juxtaposition of dominance and reverence towards nature at the Chateaux Vaux le Vicomte and Katsura Villa exemplifies the culmination of the two different political, religious and geographical cultures.” “The Chinese scholar garden is a more distinct, accurate and awe-inspiring representation of the principles of Chinese gardening than the regal splendor of the Imperial garden.” “Of these two primary Eastern sixteenth-century cultures, the Chinese scholar gardens of Suzhou were more influential in celebrating their harmony with nature than the Japanese Zen garden of Kyoto.”
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Bare Bones Outline for your Research Paper 1. Introduction to the paper: contains thesis statement, essay map (description
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Unformatted text preview: of what the paper will cover), and methodology (one paragraph). 2. Introduction to the cultures/places/designers to be discussed: should be abbreviated, direct, and only providing information pertinent to your topic (not more than two pages). 3. Main body: contains arguments/points to support your thesis statement. Develop several lines of reasoning, using case studies as examples, to prove your stance (six or more pages). 4. Conclusion: restates the thesis and the supporting arguments (one paragraph). Hint: its okay to use headings help organize your paper! Why Do Students Cheat? 1. Pressure to succeed 2. Fairness (everyone else is doing it) 3. Course is too hard 4. Material is trivial/irrelevant 5. Not sure what constitutes cheating Integrity Value Judgment What is the true objective of this course? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mwbw9KF-ACY...
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00 Research Paper Tips - of what the paper will cover), and...

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