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th and Early 20 th Centuries LARC 4413 Contemporary Landscape Architecture Spring 2011 Be familiar with design concepts of and be able to recognize in plan and views: Muskau Park Derby Arboretum Prince’s Park Birkenhead Park Mt. Auburn Cemetery Downing’s plan for the Mall, D.C. Central Park (& major subspaces) Prospect Park (& major subspaces) Bois de Boulogne Parc des Buttes-Chaumont Buffalo NY Park System (& major pieces) Jackson & Washington Parks, Chicago Emerald Necklace (& major pieces) Columbus Park, Chicago Niagara State Reservation Bronx River Parkway Blue Ridge Parkway Be able identify the principles espoused by (and/or works of) as discussed in class: Humphrey Repton John Claudius Louden Sir Joseph Paxton Andrew Jackson Downing Calvert Vaux Frederick Law Olmsted Jean-Charles-Adolph Alphand John Charles Olmsted Charles Eliot Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr. H.W.S. Cleveland Jacob Weidenmann Warren H. Manning O.C. Simonds George Kessler
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Unformatted text preview: Jens Jensen Thomas Cole Ralph Waldo Emerson Henry David Thoreau George Perkins Marsh John Muir Stephen Mather Gifford Pinchot Frank Waugh Arthur Carhart Thomas Vint Robert Moses Conrad Wirth Be able to recognize, identify, discuss and/or define: Romanticism sublime beautiful picturesque gardenesque promenade European parks movement foundation rural cemetery Setting for the parks movement in U.S. Birth of “landscape architect” term Parks movement evolution into 20 th c. Prairie Style Hudson River School Transcendentalism Hot Springs Reservation, AR “preservationists” & “conservationists” The Yosemite Grant & National Park Yellowstone National Park National Park Service (formation of) US Forest Service (formation of) State Parks (evolution of) Impact of 1930s crises on LA’s Impact of New Deal on LA’s Civilian Conservation Corps Works Progress Administration Tennessee Valley Authority National Historical Parks & Sites Historic American Building Survey...
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