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Unit 3 Study Guide LARC 4413

Unit 3 Study Guide LARC 4413 - San Cristobal Gardens at...

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Study Guide Unit 3: Rise of Modernism LARC 4413 Contemporary Landscape Architecture Spring 2011 Be familiar with design concepts of and be able to recognize in plan and views: Noailles Garden, Paris Tachard Garden Garden of Light & Water Villa of the Vicomte Charles Noailles Bentley Wood St. Ann’s Hill Camden Library Amphitheater Naumkeag Martin Residence Donnell Garden Alcoa Forecast Garden Miller Garden South Garden, Chicago Art Institute Fountain Place, Dallas Cudahy Gardens, Milwaukee Museum Rose Residence Anisfield Garden Mellon Square Forest Hills Gardens Mariemont, Ohio Sunnyside Gardens Radburn Greenbelt, Maryland Park Guell The Radiant City Broadacre City Ministry of Education and Health (MES) Fernandes Garden Copacabana Beach Gardens of El Pedragal Fountain of the Trough, Las Arboledas
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Unformatted text preview: San Cristobal Gardens at UNESCO Headquarters Sunken Garden, Chase Manhattan Bank California Scenario Be able identify the principles espoused by (and/or works of) as discussed in class: Walter Gropius Gabriel Guevrekian Christopher Tunnard Fletcher Steele Thomas Church Garrett Eckbo Dan Kiley James Rose Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr. John Ormsbee Simonds John Nolen Clarence Stein & Henry Wright Antonio Gaudi Le Corbusier Frank Lloyd Wright Roberto Burle Marx Luis Barragan Isamu Noguchi Be able to recognize, identify, discuss and/or define: Cubism Bauhaus Modernism in garden design 1925 International Exhibition of Modern Decorative & Industrial Arts, Paris Harvard’s “Modernist rebels” Garden City influence in America Modernism in urban design Garden City Greenbelt Towns 1939 Word’s Fair...
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  • Spring '11
  • Frank Lloyd Wright, Frederick Law Olmsted, American architects, American landscape architects, Donnell Garden Fernandes Garden Alcoa Forecast

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