Chap 6 Flascards - communication that carry messages to...

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1 Flashcards for Sociology 100 By Chapter 6 The Media Digital divide The relative lack of access to the latest technologies among low income groups, racial and ethnic minorities, rural residents, and the citizens of developing countries Dominant ideology A set of cultural beliefs and practices that help to maintain powerful social, economic, and political interests.
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2 Gatekeeping The process by which a relatively small number of people in the media industry control what material eventually reaches the audience. Mass media Print and electronic means of
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Unformatted text preview: communication that carry messages to widespread audiences. Narcotizing dysfunction The phenomenon in which the media provide such massive amounts of information that the audience becomes numb and fails to act on the information, regardless of how compelling the issue. 3 Opinion leader Someone who influences the opinions and discussions of others. Stereotype An unreliable generalization about all members of a group that does not recognize individual differences within the group....
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Chap 6 Flascards - communication that carry messages to...

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