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Unformatted text preview: Flashcards for Sociology 100 Chapter 16 SOCIAL CHANGE IN THE GLOBAL COMMUNITY Evolutionary theory A theory of social change that holds that society is moving in a definite direction. Culture lag A period of maladjustment during which the nonmaterial culture is still adapting to new material conditions. 1 Equilibrium model The functionalist view that society tends toward a state of stability or balance. False consciousness A term used by Karl Marx to describe an attitude held by members of a class that does not accurately reflect their objective position. Luddites Rebellious craft workers in 19th‐ century England who destroyed new factory machinery as part of their resistance to the industrial revolution. 2 New social movement An organized collective activity that addresses values and social identities, as well as improvements in the quality of life. Relative deprivation The conscious feeling of a negative discrepancy between legitimate expectations and present actualities. Resource mobilization The ways in which a social movement utilizes such resources as money, political influence, access to the media, and personnel. 3 Social change Significant alteration over time in behavior patterns and culture, including norms and values. Social movement An organized collective activity to bring about or resist fundamental change in an existing group or society. Technology Cultural information about how to use the material resources of the environment to satisfy human needs and desires. 4 Transnational An immigrant who sustains multiple social relationships that link his or her society of origin with the society of settlement. Vested interests Those people or groups who will suffer in the event of social change, and who have a stake in maintaining the status quo. 5 ...
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