Back from the Brink-Sea Otter

Back from the Brink-Sea Otter - Back from the Brink By...

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Unformatted text preview: Back from the Brink By David Glick, Smithsonian, Sept. 2005, 36(6), 54- A Clown Makes a Comeback SOUTHERN SEA OTTER Status: Threatened Year listed: 1977 Skill: Uses tools (rocks, shellfish) to obtain food Hundreds of thousands of sea otters once ranged from Baja California to northern Alaska and across the Bering Strait to Russia and Japan. The animal was thought to have been eliminated from the California coast in the early 20th century, despite a 1911 international treaty that protected sea otters from the fur trade. In 1938, biologists made a startling announcement almost like that of the recent ivory-billed woodpecker’s rediscovery: up to several hundred animals were living near Big Sur. With that news, a rocky conservation success story began unfolding. Over the next four decades, in the absence of hunting pressures, the sea otter population in...
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