Jim Ingram & duck - Wanted dead or alive Rubber...

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Wanted dead or alive: Rubber ducky Powered by CDNN - CYBER DIVER News Network by Miguel Llanos SEATTLE (Oct. 3, 2003) –- There's a reward out for a yellow rubber ducky — a bounty that Curt Ebbesmeyer hopes will further the science of ocean currents and spread the word about ocean trash. Footing the bill, so to speak, is the company that made the ducks — 29,000 of them and other bathtub friends lost at sea 11 years ago when their shipping container went overboard in a storm. Hundreds of the bath toys have washed up on North Pacific shores in recent years, particularly in Alaska, but computer projections indicate some might have made it to the North Atlantic coast and possibly even Africa by now. It's not a huge reward — a $100 U.S. savings bond for any duck, frog, turtle or beaver from the shipment — but Ebbesmeyer hopes that'll be enough incentive for beachcombers to report finds and contribute to his research. A Seattle-based beachcomber himself, Ebbesmeyer emphasizes that not just any animal bath toy will do. The ducks in particular are easy to mistake. "A lot escape from duck races by charities around the world," he says. "Those are bogus ducks" and often have blue glasses or red bills instead of the solid yellow color. The bath toys floating since January 1992 have the words "the first years" inscribed on them. That's the name of the company that made the ducks and is now putting up the reward for any of
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Jim Ingram & duck - Wanted dead or alive Rubber...

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