Lb 1 Field Measurements

Lb 1 Field Measurements - L aboratory 1 ~easuren1ents in...

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Laboratory 1 ~easuren1ents in the Field
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MEASUREMENTS IN THE FIELD LABORATORY 1 INTRODUCTION Physical measurements Many scientists work in the field and they have adopted many good ways to determine and report their descriptions ofthe environment they study. Our goal with this specific lab is to introduce you to tools you already possess and how you can effectively observe and report your findings to your colleagues.In order to estimate physical measurements, such as height and distance, we will use basic methods without equipment. We hope that they will be practical for you to use, even after you complete this semester. Measuring Distance Run through the 3 courses set for you by your TA. Walk at a nom1al pace, counting the number of steps to complete the course. Divide the known distance of the course by the number of steps to calculate an estimate of your individual pace. Your pace (Course of known distance) I (Number of steps to complete course) __m. Your task for this lab is to determine the length ofyour stride in meters (m). Your TA will show you how to convert your pace into meters and how to apply this measurement to distance and height determination. Your TA has laid out three courses around Dean Hall which you will useto calculate your step. Once you have completed each individual course you take the length
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Lb 1 Field Measurements - L aboratory 1 ~easuren1ents in...

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