Adolescent offenders

Adolescent offenders - are frequently placed together but most experts advocate offense-specific treatment for sex offenders(Knopp 1985 Bischof

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Adolescent offenders While I was reading this article I read that back in the 1980’s kids that committed a crime like sexual assault was taken serious. Now when a juvenile commits that kind of crime they are charged as an adult. .Juveniles that commit a crime early might go back when they are older they really don’t understand what right and wrong are. Some families are taken to get studied to see why they were committing a very dangerous crime like sexual assault at a early age.   Families of adolescent offenders are frequently involved in treatment, and findings from this study are likely to enhance services to these families. In residential treatment facilities, adolescent sex offenders and other juvenile delinquents
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Unformatted text preview: are frequently placed together, but most experts advocate offense-specific treatment for sex offenders (Knopp, 1985). ( Bischof, Gary P. Stith, Sandra M. Whitney, Martha L. 1995)( )When a child commits a crime and then goes to a juvenile correction center I think being in there will help them understand. The parents also have a big part in teaching there children right from wrong if they don’t sit down with them and lay some ground rules down them the kids will walk all over there parents and have no respect for others and then they will just continue to commit crimes and go in and out of jail even prison....
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