Cancer Patient Information Sheet

Cancer Patient Information Sheet - know that they have...

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Cancer Patient Information Sheet
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Ovarian cancer is caused by tissue in the ovaries. Some ovarian cancers are either epithelial carcinomas or malignant germ cell tumors. When women have this kind of cancer they have to get that ovary taken out because it can either be in the glands or in the egg cell and some people may or may not live through the cancer. The best way to not prevent ovarian cancer is to have a check up with your doctor to make sure that everything is good. When a doctor detects that you do have ovarian cancer they can go in and either removes that ovary or just parts of the ovary were the cancer is at. The diagnosis for this is just like any other kind of cancer the patient will have an option either they can do radiation or they can have surgery. Some cases the patient will need both. Ovarian cancer can affect the body inv different ways. The way that women
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Unformatted text preview: know that they have ovarian cancer is if they suffer from bloating, back pain, pain during sex, Unusual bleeding during menstrual period. Also ovarian cancer can also be found in women that are at the age of 63. Treatment options are that the patient goes under radiology and when the patient goes under radiology they will either have to stay at the hospital or be watched very carefully because being under that Kemo you feel very sick and you also lose your hair. the circle of sharing will help cancer patients and there care giver understand better on what cancer is all about and it helps everyone cope with what they have. This is an image of what ovarian cancer looks like in a women that is suffering from ovarian cancer....
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Cancer Patient Information Sheet - know that they have...

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