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Inpatient and - to stay no longer then a couple of hours so...

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Inpatient and Outpatient Hospital Services By Heather Lisowski I think that the difference between inpatient and outpatient is that one the inpatient is going to have to stay in the hospital and that hospital is equipped with stuff for people to stay the night and there is also separate room for everyone that needs to stay the night. The outpatient gets to go home the same day this facility is not equipped with stuff to stay the night and there are not rooms for thoughts that are just going in for the day they have to share a big room with everyone. The coding for the inpatient is a little different because the building is equipped for patients that need to say the night. Outpatient treatment is for thought’s who are going home and do not need a facility that is equipped
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Unformatted text preview: to stay no longer then a couple of hours so the coding will be different on that end. Some examples are that when someone was in a care accent they have to stay over night so they go to a hospital and have to get special treatment done if they are hurt bad. An example of an outpatient is that when someone goes in and get surgery done to get rid of carpal tunnel they only stay in the ambulatory room till the doctor says you are good to go. There are some things that are the same like they both need to have doctors and well educated nurses on staff to make the facility as good and safe place to be....
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