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Q-Describe how compliance plans correlate to different medical records documentation standards. Which steps in the medical billing process studied in Ch. 1 of Medical Insurance are related to the following: Compliance plans- I think that the compliance plans are in found in step one pre register because when you go to a visit for the first time you have to show proof of health insurance if any. When someone comes in to the doctor’s office and they will have to either pay up front or have a bill sent to them. That is why you have to have insurance so that is why I think that compliance plans is in the first step. Medical records - I think that this one is found in step three check in patient. When you check in a patient
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Unformatted text preview: you have to get there file and that has all their medical history and when you need to get a new doctor or move you have to request the medical records and that will be in the file you had at that doctors office or hospital. Documentation standards- I think that this one is found in step five. I reason I think it is found in step five is because you have to document everything that happened and send it to the insurance company so they pay the bill. I also think that the documents standards are part of the review coding compliance you have to right everything in a code for the health insurance and that everything is taken care of. Heather Lisowski...
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