Plastic Surgery - Plastic Surgery 1 Plastic Surgery Heather...

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Plastic Surgery 1 Plastic Surgery Heather Lisowski Com 220 Professor Elder
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Plastic Surgery 2 Plastic surgery goes way back to the ancient Egyptians they were the first civilization to do just about anything that included skin grafts to repair facial damage and crude nose jobs. The earliest example of an official doctor’s chart was written probably illegibly. As the years have gone by the renaissance put a boost in the anatomy and medicine again around the world. Before the nineteenth century, surgeries were done without anesthesia. When the doctors started using carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide. When the 1800 doctors had better techniques and they improved greatly. The first American plastic surgeon was named John Peter Mettaur he has made history by doing the first cleft palate operation. People who want to have plastic surgery they have to make sure that they do not have any health factors. People who have health factors have a high risk of not making it through. Everyone in this century sees famous people on TV, and they want to be just like that person. Plastic surgery has grown since the ancient times. Plastic surgery can be a good thing for some people if you are women with big breasts and she needs to get a deduction then plastic surgery is what that person needs. Other people that just want to look good, just do it for looks and not for themselves. Men also get plastic surgery because they are either on TV or want to just look good for them. When people go in to see the doctor they first have to have a consultation during the
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Plastic Surgery - Plastic Surgery 1 Plastic Surgery Heather...

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