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Radio Ad for a health body

Radio Ad for a health body - older people take good care of...

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Radio Ad for a health body By Heather Lisowski Hello everyone I am Heather and I am here to explain how important it is to have a healthy body at an old age. When people get old they have to be very careful on their body. The muscular system will start to disincarnate and the bones are very frail. When you were young it was very important that you took care of your body. Older people are more prone to illness and also osteoporosis and also arthritis. So it is very important that
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Unformatted text preview: older people take good care of there body and make sure that they take a lot of calcium to help from making there bones frail and brake easy when they fall. So please to all the people out there young or old please take good care of your body because we were only given one body and we need to take good care of it now. Thank you very much....
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