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Relating HIPAA and Coding Methods to Medical Billing

Relating HIPAA and Coding Methods to Medical Billing - care...

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Relating HIPAA and Coding Methods to Medical Billing The HIPAA act and the HIPPA 837 is a form some what like the CMS 1500 it has the patient tell the history of what they are in for and there personal information. With the HIPAA 837 it can be done electronically and it is faster then having to write it all out. Having that on the computer it saves room in the filling and there will be nothing lost if you are careful. I think that the HIPAA act is part of the medical billing because you have to look at what insurance company the patient has if any. Also the HIPAA act also is private and only the person that is on the form can talk to the nurse about the patients
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Unformatted text preview: care. Coding Methods are different ways you can do coding for the insurance and also for the doctor. When you are doing coding you have to know a lot of different codes for different insurances and also know the different codes for the prescription drugs that are subscribed. When you are doing the coding you have to make sure that you do the right code because the medical billing will write what was on the paper or on the computer and bill the insurance and the patient. Some patients will look over the statement they get in the mail and it anything is wrong they will call it in. Heather Lisowski...
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