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Step 1 Pre register patient - Step 1 Pre register...

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Step 1 Pre register patient - When you get a new patient you have then fill out paper work to see what kind of health insurance they have. After the y fill that out then they see what kind of co-pay they have. Then they need to have an exam. Step 2 Establish financial responsibilities- After you go through the pre registering the medical billing they have to see what is covered and what is not covered. Before the patient leaves they have to give the receptionist the paper work that the doctor gave them. When the patient wants to pay for there payments they can pay in payments till it is paid off. Step 3 Check in patient- When you have an appointment and you go in the office you have to check in. That helps the receptionist knows that you are there and waiting to see the doctor. Also they can tell if you have a no show if you didn’t check in Step 4 Checkout patients- When you are with your visit you have to check out with the receptionist. When you check out that means that the visit is done. Step 5 review coding compliance-
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