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Nora Rangel EDUC 1301 External Experience Assignment #3 3/05/2011 I went to observed Mrs. Liz classroom on Monday February the 14, I sat on the back of her classroom watching the room set-up, it was very organized, all of the tables were set up for four students two in each side of the table. They had the student’s name in front of their sitting table. The teacher had a computer station that allowed students to complete assignments or play games after finishing their work. All students had a good view of the chalkboard, and they had charts and things over a large board that the teacher used a pull down screen and overhead projector. Mrs. Liz could watch the kids while she was writing. She could easily see who was reading/tracking and who was daydreaming or simply lost the way. She had a big poster in front of the classroom door with all the policies for the class-room like “NO TALKING WITHOUT RACING YOU’RE HAND”. She even had a nice colorful calendar with the important dates. I think it’s important to have a calendar in a classroom, because it shows the students how to be organized and they are looking forward for a fun activity or a special holiday like Christmas or spring break. There was a big rug and spacious place for story time; she even had a special chair that was called “the rocking chair”. Every student took turns to read and sit on the chair. I personally
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Nora%2520Rangel%5B1%5D[1] - Nora Rangel EDUC 1301 External...

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