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WK 1 directive words - Language and Learning Advisor...

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Language and Learning Advisor Services Some Commonly Used D irective Words (Always check with your lecturer about the meaning of the Directive Words they choose to use in the assignment questions) Account for To give an explanation for the causes/reasons/problems/effects of a situation Analyse Show the essence of something by breaking it down into its component parts and examining each part in detail. Argue Present the case for and against a particular proposition. In some cases you may need to choose a perspective and justify your opinion Compare Look for similarities and differences between propositions. Contrast Place the two propositions in opposition in order to show the differences between them. Criticise / Critique Give your judgment about the merit of theories or opinions about the truth of facts, and back your judgment by a discussion of evidence. Critically 'Critically examine … ' The writer should 'examine' carefully and attempt to find merit or faults, especially the latter.
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