Wk 5 workshop effective Paraphrasing Annotated tips example text

Wk 5 workshop effective Paraphrasing Annotated tips example text

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One of the language differences international students may encounter when they begin their university studies in Australia is the way that lecturers and students interact. Speech- related behaviours are based on cultural backgrounds. In their discussion on language and culture in professional situations, Putnis and Petelin (1999, 69) explain that people subconsciously learn complicated rules about how to use language while they are growing up and that these rules teach people about how to communicate in different situations. For example, university students may address lecturers with a formal title, such as “Professor” or “Doctor”, or by their first name, depending on the cultural rules. These hidden rules for the appropriate ways to use a language can be linked to rules about culture that are not explicit or visible. As Peterson and Coltrane (2003) write, “language learners need to be
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Unformatted text preview: aware of the culturally appropriate ways to address people.” For example, in cultures with high-power distances, students should be more formal with people who hold more authority such as professors (Hofstede 2008). However in cultures with low-power distances, there is more equality in relationships and this can influence language titles or ways to address lecturers (Hofstede 2008). This means that students from different cultures may feel uncomfortable addressing lecturers in Australia by their first names, because it may be different to what they are accustomed to in their own cultures. Thus, speech-related behaviours are not only related to rules for address, but also for situations such as asking questions....
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