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Week4 testlecturev2 - QCD111 Week formative listening...

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QCD111 Week formative listening /notetaking lecture (This lecture is adapted from Reflective Writing - some initial guidance for students. Jenny Moon, University of Exeter at http://www.services.ex.ac.uk/cas/employability/students/reflective.htm) We have all looked at our selves in a mirror and seen an image of ourselves staring back. When we do see our image in a mirror we are conscious of who we are and what we are doing. The words reflection is used for both the image on the mirror and the act of thinking about and analysing what we are doing. So the word reflection is connected to the notion of learning and thinking. We may reflect in order to learn something, and/ or we learn as a result of reflecting. My topic today is Reflection and in particular reflective writing There are many forms or ways to express the mental processes of reflection. Reflective writing is only one of them. There are other forms of expressing reflection such as speech, film, pictures, music etc. Despite my mirror metaphor earlier, the expression of reflection is not a direct mirror of what happens in the head. It is a representation of that process within the chosen medium and reflection represented in
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Week4 testlecturev2 - QCD111 Week formative listening...

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