Questions for reflection on the notetaking test

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ZhaoQi Hu (Kenneth) N7140517 Questions for reflection on the notetaking test Q1: In your first one or two sentences, describe briefly the test context (answer the questions who was there?, what were you all doing?, when was it?, where were you? and why were you doing the test?,) then, briefly tell your reader what you experienced during the test. Explain what was most significant in the experience for you and how you felt about taking the test. Answer: The date and time was the ninth of August 2010 on Monday morning nine am. Parts of communication one students, including me, took part in the notetaking text in room P309 of QUT KG campus. The purpose of the text is to examine and enhance our note taking skills. In my opinion, the text was very challenge, and it needs me to keep fully attention on the listening part. Q2: Describe what you did to prepare for this test and evaluate how successful or otherwise your strategies were. Also discuss your use of the notetaking criteria sheet and your self assessment of your notetaking. Answer: In order to take this text successful, I looked at some relevant resources
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