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W4 reflection on test - taking experience and self...

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Week 4 Questions for reflection on the notetaking test Think about your experience of the formative test on notetaking from reading and listening. Answer each of the following questions. (2 or 3 sentences or so are sufficient for each answer) in relation to that experience. The tone of this reflective writing should be personal. Q1 In your first one or two sentences, describe briefly the test context ( answer the questions who was there?, what were you all doing?, when was it?,where were you? and why were you doing the test?,) then, briefly tell your reader what you experienced during the test. Explain what was most significant in the experience for you and how you felt about taking the test. Q2 Describe what you did to prepare for this test and evaluate how successful or otherwise your strategies were. Also discuss your use of the notetaking criteria sheet and your self assessment of your notetaking. Q3. Reflect and comment on what you have learned for the future from this formative note
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Unformatted text preview: taking experience and self assessment using the criteria sheet. Q4. Indicate what impact writing this reflection has had on you and connect your comment to a paraphrase of at least one idea from the reading in the exam. Cite the author of the reading correctly and write a full reference at the end of your answer. • Use one A4 page to word process your answers to the 4 reflective questions above. It is only a short but important formative task. • Attach your notetaking test and your completed criteria sheet • Attach a QUTIC assignment cover sheet to the front . • Make sure you put your TUTOR’S name on the cover sheet. • Staple all these in the left hand corner : o Your QUTIC Cover sheet o Your (word processed) answers to the four questions for reflection about the test o Your note taking exam and completed criteria sheet • Place them in the P block assignment box near reception by 9am Monday August 16. QUTIC UniCert and Pathway programs CRICOS 00213J...
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