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QCD211 Report Project Part C: Group Discussion Weight: 20% (.5 of 40%) Due: tutorial of weeks 11 – 12 (see schedule on QCD211 BLACKBOARD sites) You will be allocated to a group of four to five students. In your scheduled week, you will lead an 8-10 minute group discussion (*1). You will also participate in the discussions led by each of the other members in your group on that day (#2). In the each of the weeks that you are not scheduled, you will observe the different group discussions to complete checklists and take notes on designated aspects of those discussions. These documents are to be submitted to your tutor at the end of the week 12 tutorial. *1. You are to re-assume the same role of researcher as you did to produce your report. Assume that you have been asked by your client to lead a discussion group with the staff and stakeholders to explain your recommendations and how you believe these will benefit their business, their clients and them . You will NOT present the entire Report itself. You must be prepared to justify your recommendations, clarify details and answer questions from the staff. You should use charts or handouts to support your discussion – but not PowerPoint. At the conclusion of the discussion, the staff should have a clear understanding of the implications of your Report’s recommendations for the business, their clients and them. They should be able to decide whether to carry out your recommendations, modify them or reject them. You will
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Discussion102 - QCD211 Report Project Part C Group...

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