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The Extended Preview from March 2009 Edition of Workbook

The Extended Preview from March 2009 Edition of Workbook -...

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Essay Question: The benefits of genetic engineering are outweighed by the drawbacks. Discuss (Thesis) This essay will outline the advantages and disadvantages of genetic engineering. The Extended Preview Sometimes the thesis and the preview are in one sentence, but even the preview may be two or more sentences long. While in shorter essays, like those in IELTS examinations, shorter previews may be acceptable, it is generally wiser to write more extended previews. There are a number of reasons to prefer longer previews. One reason is that the main content of the intended coverage (thesis) may be fairly obvious from the question. Do you think examiners would be impressed with the following example thesis statement? Two further reasons to extend the preview are that it demonstrates planning and that it simplifies the task of expanding upon the ideas to be included. In fact, an introduction that is longer due to an extended preview is generally more impressive to examiners. See the examples below: Women have made enormous social progress and are a majority at universities. Nonetheless,
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