Group Assignment 2010-2

Group Assignment 2010-2 - STUDENT NAME(S) (PLEASE UNDERLINE...

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S TUDENT N AME ( S ) (P LEASE UNDERLINE YOUR FAMILY NAME ) F OR GROUP ASSIGNMENTS , WRITE THE GROUP LEADER S NAME FIRST . S TUDENT N O .( S ) FACULTY OF BUSINESS / SCHOOL OF ACCOUNTANCY ASSIGNMENT COVER SHEET THIS FORM MUST BE COMPLETED FOR ALL ASSIGNMENTS WHETHER LODGED THROUGH ASSIGNMENT MINDER OF LODGED ELECTRONICALLY Your assignment should be stapled in to top left-hand corner. DO NOT USE plastic sleeves or bindings. Please ensure you KEEP A COPY of your assignment. Please refer to Week 1 Document or information on the unit Blackboard site or advice from lecturers/tutors regarding return of assignments. Assignments may be returned via Assignment Minder, in class – lectures/tutorials/workshops, during consultation times or via other means as advised by the Unit Coordinator/Schools. Photographic identification will be returned. D ATE R ECEIVED (Office use only) C AMPUS – G ARDENS P OINT S CHOOL - A CCOUNTANCY U NIT N AME – F INANCIAL A CCOUNTING 1 U NIT C ODE – A YN 416 D UE D ATE – W EEK 10 – 20 TH S EPTEMBER B Y 6 PM S UBMIT THROUGH ASSIGNMENT MINDER L ECTURER S /T UTOR S N AME – L OIS M UNRO / S TUART T OOLEY S EMINAR T IME A SSIGNMENT N O . & D ESCRIPTION /T OPIC – G ROUP A SSIGNMENT DECLARATION : I declare that: This work is entirely my own, and no part of it has been copied from any other person’s words or ideas, except as specifically acknowledged through the use of inverted commas and in-text references; No part of this assignment has been written for me by any other person except where such collaboration has been authorised by the Unit Coordinator concerned; I understand my assignment may be scanned as part of the assessment process, and that plagiarism detection software may be utlilised; This assignment has not been submitted for any other unit at QUT or any other institution, unless authorised by the relevant Unit Coordinator; I have read and abided by all of the requirements set down for this assignment. By electronically submitting this work I acknowledge that my signature is taken to be applied to this Statement S IGNATURE *……………………………………………………. .…….… D ATE ………………. .………… * If this is a group assignment, only one signature is required The Unit Coordinator may exercise a right not to mark this assignment if the above declaration has not been signed. If the above declaration is found to be false, you may receive reduced or zero marks for this assignment, and you will be dealt with under QUT’s Student Rule No. 29 – Academic Dishonesty, and the associated procedures for Academic Dishonesty which are available at: and 1
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AYN416 Group Assignment Objectives: The objectives of this project are for students to demonstrate: 1. Skills and knowledge in the preparation of financial statements that comply with Generally Accepted Accounting Practice (
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Group Assignment 2010-2 - STUDENT NAME(S) (PLEASE UNDERLINE...

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