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exam answer 22 - 1-Past 100 years woman made big strides...

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1 -Past 100 years woman made big strides enactment of numerous laws and book/Subordinate group (5 characteristics) /Now woman gaining status and allowed to do things men could only do in the past like vote (19 th ) and unequal treatment act/Among top gender in attaining college degrees/Days of woman being passive over 2 -Biological constricts force ppl to make “sterotypes” due to appearance=fictional catagories/ example all blacks big lips all Chinese ppl slanted eyes/these are ST due to the fact ppl let PC iD you as person =false indiv charat are the traits you are born with=as Americans not souly our fault to be racist but all over society today. Forced to if race in census, job-college apps,med apps/only way is to stop classy ppl based on race/famous MLK big inspirational speaker pushin toward goal stop classy based on race/ debate still on today 3 -US not consistent treatment/regard NA first wanted exterminate so put on reservation/then assimilate to
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