Final Exam Essay Questions

Final Exam Essay Questions - 1) Over the past almost 100...

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1) Over the past almost 100 year’s woman have made big stride with the enactment of numerous laws and the publishing of books like the feminine mystique. Woman were subordinate groups because they obtained all 5 characteristics that a group or individual must obtain to be considered a subordinate. They were treated unequally, they are noticeable different from the majority in this case being males because of physical characteristics, they were born into the subordinate group not having a choice about their status, they were going with the norm of the sence of marriage with only a male and how he is the dominant one in the situation, and finally being aware of being the subordinate group that they were part of. But now woman are gaining status and allowed to do things that men could only do like vote due to the 19 th amendment and unequal treatment act. Females are now among the top gender in obtaining college degrees and having higher statuses than males. The days of woman being passive and not sticking up for themselves no longer exist. 2) A problem in today’s society is the fact that Americans have the trouble of distinguishing the difference of race between biological contrast and race as a social construct. Biological constricts force people to formulate “stereotypes” due to the appearance of someone and then fictional categories arrive. For instance the need to think every black person has “big lips” and all people from china have slanted eyes. These are stereotypes due to the fact that people let your personal characteristics identify you as a person and that is false the individual characterics are the biological traits you are born with. As
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Final Exam Essay Questions - 1) Over the past almost 100...

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