Behavior Change PT 1 - Jerod Lane January 20th 2010...

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Jerod Lane January 20 th , 2010 Behavior Change Portfolio Part 1 Survey Reflections A. How Healthy Are You? a. At the begging of the survey when filling out the pre analysis of what I thought I was in each category it ranged across the board but I did not consider myself in the category “Excellent Health” for any of them so right away that triggered me to realize that I needed to change some things. I scored myself as “Poor Health” in one category being Spiritual Health because I thought that the underlying meaning of it was the relationship with god but I came to find out differently later on when completing that section. I considered myself as a Physically “average” healthy person since I do workout everyday but I am still self conscience about myself no matter what I do, which may lead for me not to be emotionally healthy. After completing the survey’s I realized that I am an overall average
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healthy person which was good to hear but I would really enjoy being above average and would love to be in excellent health, which I know I can be I just have to work on it and make the right choices every day. One thing that surprised me is that my spiritual health wasn’t as low as I scored myself and that there are more indications to being spiritually healthy than just attending church services weekly. Overall I really gained a point in self satisfaction to know that I am a healthy person and that my daily habits are healthy and all I can now is get more healthy by improving my daily habits in a positive direction. B. Nutrition Survey a. When I first looked at the categories and the amounts of food needed daily I was really astonished because I thought how could I eat all of this and be a healthy person and not become fat with this entire intake. Then when seeing after consuming this my total calorie intake would be 2800 calories I thought about what I was eating and how many calories that was and the items I was eating and realized that all this was doing was splitting up the calories into more healthy portions and categories and eliminating fatty foods and replacing them with healthy ones and in the end becoming a more all around healthy person. I am very self conscience
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Behavior Change PT 1 - Jerod Lane January 20th 2010...

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