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Behavior Change PT 2 - Jerod Lane February 15th 2010...

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Jerod Lane February 15 th , 2010 Behavior Change Portfolio Part 2 Behavior Change Plan The thing I really would like to change is my Emotional health. This wasn’t one of the worse outcomes at the end when doing the surveys but I believe that this is the most important one that I need to improve because inside I believe that if your inner emotional health fails then your life will fall apart and you will start to have problems in every aspect of your life. The thing that is important to me about this topic is being aware of your feelings and not keeping them boggled up inside and letting your concerns and fears out so that you can work through them and achieve a higher level of life satisfaction. The thing that drives me to change this part of my life is the conversations I’ve had with my mother when I was younger about talking about what’s on my mind and that the emotions don’t go away and they will come back later in life and right now I’m kind of in that stage where I am realizing some things about my past that really bothers me and I don’t know still how to get them out and express them so I feel that I should I listened to my mom way back when so that I am not having these problems now. I know that I can talk to her about what’s on my mind but I don’t feel like explaining myself because it makes me very impatient. I know
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I can always go to multiple places on campus to get help and I know I can talk to my counselor at home and I am comfortable with all that but at this stage I really feel that I want to just get clear to myself about what’s on my mind and then I can involve other branches of the tree to help me through a little bit of a shady time period. I know everyone from home would be more than willing to listen to me when I am ready to express myself and that feels very good to know inside. I just need to believe and trust my mother that it is ok to express these feelings. I have surrounded myself with a lot of valuable friends that support me and have my back so I am glad to know that I have shoulders to lean on.
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