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Behavior Change PT 3 checkpoint 1

Behavior Change PT 3 checkpoint 1 - speak up and say what...

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Jerod Lane March 8, 2010 Behavior Change Portfolio Part 3 Checkpoint number 1 Thus far I have really done a few things different to improve my personal health and emotional health. I have thought about things and written them down and have made myself a chart rather than a calendar to show my progress because I believe a chart or guide to improving my emotional health is more helpful than using a calendar. On a scale of about 1-10 I have really done about an 8 this far because I have solved some of the problems I was explained before about self image and using some techniques that discourage a negative attitude towards one self .I believe this was positive because it improved myself image and didn’t make me feel so bad about myself and really solved some of the subconscious issues that I have had in the past. Some things I can continue to do to keep this positive change effective is writing my feeling and thoughts down that make me feel negative and also I can defend myself and not be afraid to
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Unformatted text preview: speak up and say what is on my mind. Everyone has feelings and I believe they should be expressed. Through what I have done so far I believe it will help me in the long run along with following my guide I have made to improving my emotional health in a few months I should be all figured out for the most part and be on the road to a healthier lifestyle. Steps to expressing yourself and improving Emotional Health 1. Identify your problem 2. Write down how you feel about the problem 3. Gather how you would like to say it so you come across affectively 4. Talk to a few people about how you feel before expressing yourself to the place where the problem is occurring… This is kind of life a rough draft in which you can make yourself better and more effective 5. Go to the Problem and talk 6. Be open and ready to grow 7. Take advise affectively and become a better person...
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Behavior Change PT 3 checkpoint 1 - speak up and say what...

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