Exam # 2 Review - Personal Health HSPTS 132 Exam #2 Review...

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Personal Health HSPTS 132 Exam #2 Review Spring 2010 L. Smith Chapter 9: Nutrition - Eating for Optimal Performance Define nutrition, calorie, nutrient, hunger, and appetite Nutrition- Calorie- A unit of measure that indicates the amount of energy we obtain from a food What affects our eating behaviors? -Hunger -Convenience &Advertising -Appetite -Nutritional Value -Emotional Comfort -Social Interactions What are the five characteristics of a healthy diet (NEED 1 MORE) -Adequate -Moderate -Balanced -Varied List and describe the 6 nutrients (3 macronutrients and 3 micronutrients) Carbohydrates -Best fuel provides energy quickly and efficiently-Simple sugars- Glucose, Fructose, Sucrose Proteins- 2 nd most abundant substance in humans, key to every cell, antibodies, enzymes, and hormones Fats- Maintain Healthy skin, maintain body temp, insulate body organs fat Vitamins- Potent essential organic compound. Water soluble dissolve in water B complex and C. Fat soluble absorb through intestinal tract with fat Minerals- Inorganic, Indestructible elements that aid the body Macrominerals are needed in large amount Trace Minerals are needed in small amounts Sodium Calcium Iron Water- Dehydration- Abnormal depletion of body fluids… Major
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Exam # 2 Review - Personal Health HSPTS 132 Exam #2 Review...

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