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SYLLABUS Capital University – School of Management and Leadership Introduction to Business (BUS 101) Spring Semester 2010 I. General Information Credit hours: 3 credit hours Prerequisite: None Class time: Tu-Th 8:00-9:15 AM Class location: Section 03: Learning Center Room 6 Web link: Instructor: Edward F. Kent Cell phone: 330 671-6057 Email: [email protected] Office hours: By appointment II. Course Objectives: This course is intended to (a) provide you as a beginning student of business with a broad overview of the fundamental principles of business, (b) emphasize the interrelationships and integration of the various business functions, (c) facilitate your evaluations regarding further business study (i.e. what area of business might you want to focus on), and (d) help you become a more knowledgeable and thoughtful consumers of business news. III. Methods of Instruction: We will use readings, lectures, class discussions, in class exercises, and out-of- class assignments and exercises to achieve these goals. IV. Tools and Supporting Materials: You must purchase a new copy of BUSN 2009-2010 , Marce Kelly and Jim McGowen, South-Western 2009, ISBN 978-0-324-58188-1. Included with this purchase is a license for additional, required materials accessible online @ http:// . BUS 101 Fall 2009 P a g e | 1
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You must have access to a personal computer with Microsoft Office Suite and an Internet browser (the library has lots of them and there are computer labs in the dorms). Communication outside the classroom will usually be accomplished using email addresses and the Blackboard website platform at . Please check both of these tools frequently. V. Course Policies: YOU are responsible for successful completion of this course! My role is to provide assistance, encouragement, and evaluation. Preparation for, attendance at, and productive participation in, each class session are your most important responsibilities. Explanations are not required, and are not accepted, for absences. If you miss a class, it is YOUR responsibility to obtain the material covered from a fellow student and be caught up prior to the next class session. Failure to attend does not constitute official withdrawal from the course and may result in a failing grade. Official withdrawal requires that YOU submit a completed “Change of Registration” form to the Registrar’s Office by Friday September 11 th for no notation on your transcript or Friday October 30 th to receive a W. I will NOT give make-up exams.
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Syllabus - SYLLABUS Capital University School of Management...

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