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376: International Finance Fall 2006 03150: TTh 2:00pm-3:30pm UTC 4.104 003155: TTh 3:30pm-5:00pm UTC 4.104 Overview of the Course Instructor: Dr. Robert C. Duvic Office: Department of Finance, GSB 5.176D Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 10:00-11:00am and by appointment. Phone Number: 471-6026 E-mail: [email protected] Teaching Assistant: TBA Office Hours: TBA E-mail: TBA Textbook: Cheol Eun and Bruce Resnick, International Financial Management, Third Edition, The McGraw- Hill Companies. Course Description: Finance 376 examines the foreign exchange markets and how they shape the environment within which corporate wealth-maximizing decisions are made. The course is designed for upper-division undergraduate students who have a good understanding of basic economics, corporate finance and asset valuation. Course Objective: This course has two primary objectives. First: To develop a market-based understanding of exchange rates and show how exchange rate volatility affects corporate decision-making. Four major areas will be covered. The International Environment The Foreign Exchange Derivative Markets What Factors Affect Exchange Rates Foreign Exchange Exposure and the Firm Second: To develop a general understanding of market functioning. The course will not only develop the institutional and quantitative details of markets, but also introduce a “financial” way of thinking about costs and risks. A Cooperative Effort: I hope that this course will be an important element of your education. I am most interested in your thoughts and how you are developing in the course and welcome your comments as the course progresses--with your feedback the course will be a better career-developmental experience for you and your fellow students. Also, if at any time what is expected of you is unclear, if you are having problems with specific assignments, or have other difficulties with the course please see me. Prerequisites: I assume that you have a comprehensive understanding of valuation theory and corporate financial decision- making from Finance 357 and an understanding of the basic economic concepts as covered in Eco 302 and 303. You are required to have a "C" or better in Fin 357. 1
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Course Evaluation The evaluation consists of three tests. Three Tests: Purpose : The three tests in the course focus on selected major areas of international finance. The tests form the major part of your evaluation and allow both me and you to evaluate your progress in the course. This on-going feedback is crucial for your success in the course. Each part of the course builds on what has gone before. For example, if you do poorly in the first, test, you probably will not have the foundation to do well on the second test. Value
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FIN376 International Finance - Duvic - 376 International...

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