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lytic cycle (lit´-ik) A type of phage reproductive cycle resulting in the release of new phages by lysis (and death) of the host cell. Pandemic A global epidemic. Phage (faj) A virus that infects bacteria; also called a bacteriophage. Prion An infectious agent that is a misfolded version of a normal cellular protein. Prions appear to increase in number by converting correctly folded versions of the protein to more prions.
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Unformatted text preview: Prophage (pro'-faj) A phage genome that has been inserted into a specific site on a bacterial chromosome. Provirus A viral genome that is permanently inserted into a host genome. restriction enzyme An endonuclease (type of enzyme) that recognizes and cuts DNA molecules foreign to a bacterium (such as phage genomes). The enzyme cuts at specific nucleotide sequences (restriction sites)....
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