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Bio ch 19 terms.docx 3

Bio ch 19 terms.docx 3 - Vaccine A harmless variant or...

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Retrovirus (re´-tro-vi´-rus) An RNA virus that reproduces by transcribing its RNA into DNA and then inserting the DNA into a cellular chromosome; an important class of cancer-causing viruses. reverse transcriptase (tran-skrip´-tas) An enzyme encoded by certain viruses (retroviruses) that uses RNA as a template for DNA synthesis. temperate phage A phage that is capable of reproducing by either a lytic or lysogenic cycle.
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Unformatted text preview: Vaccine A harmless variant or derivative of a pathogen that stimulates a host’s immune system to mount defenses against the pathogen. viral envelope A membrane that cloaks the capsid that in turn encloses a viral genome. Viroid (vi´-royd) A plant pathogen consisting of a molecule of naked, circular RNA a few hundred nucleotides long....
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