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Basidiomycete (buh-sid'-e-o-mi'-set) Member of the fungal phylum Basidiomycota, commonly called club fungus. The name comes from the club-like shape of the basidium. Basidium (plural, basidia) (buh-sid'-e-um, buh-sid'-e-ah) A reproductive appendage that produces sexual spores on the gills of mushrooms (club fungi). Chitin (ki´-tin) A structural polysaccharide, consisting of amino sugar monomers, found in many fungal cell walls and in the exoskeletons of all arthropods. Chytrid (ki´-trid) Member of the fungal phylum
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Unformatted text preview: Chytridiomycota, mostly aquatic fungi with flagellated zoospores that represent an early-diverging fungal lineage. coenocytic fungus (se´-no-si´-tic) A fungus that lacks septa and hence whose body is made up of a continuous cytoplasmic mass that may contain hundreds or thousands of nuclei. Deuteromycete (du'-tuh-ro-mi'-set) Traditional classification for a fungus with no known sexual stage. When a sexual stage for a so-called deuteromycete is...
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