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discovered, the species is assigned to a phylum. Dikaryotic (di'-kar-e-ot'-ik) Referring to a fungal mycelium with two haploid nuclei per cell, one from each parent. ectomycorrhizal fungus A symbiotic fungus that forms sheaths of hyphae over the surface of plant roots and also grows into extracellular spaces of the root cortex. Endophyte A fungus that lives inside a leaf or other
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Unformatted text preview: plant part without causing harm to the plant. Fungi (fun'-je) The eukaryotic kingdom that includes organisms that absorb nutrients after decomposing organic material. Glomeromycete (glo'-mer-o-mi'-set) Member of the fungal phylum Glomeromycota, characterized by a distinct branching form of mycorrhizae (mutualistic relationships with plant roots) called arbuscular mycorrhizae....
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