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mitosis and forming a visible mycelium. Mycelium (mi-se´-le-um) The densely branched network of hyphae in a fungus. Mycorrhiza (mi´-ko-ri´-zuh) (plural, mycorrhizae) A mutualistic association of plant roots and fungus. Nucleariid Member of a group of unicellular, amoeboid protists that are more closely related to fungi than they are to other protists. Pheromone (far´-uh-mon) In animals and fungi, a small molecule released into the environment that functions in
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Unformatted text preview: communication between members of the same species. In animals, it acts much like a hormone in influencing physiology and behavior. Plasmogamy (plaz-moh´-guh-me) The fusion of the cytoplasm of cells from two individuals; occurs as one stage of syngamy (fertilization). Septum (plural, septa) One of the cross-walls that divide a fungal hypha into cells. Septa generally have...
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