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Bio ch 31 terms 6

Bio ch 31 terms 6 - Zoospore Flagellated spore found in...

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pores large enough to allow ribosomes, mitochondria, and even nuclei to flow from cell to cell. Soredium (plural, soredia) In lichens, a small cluster of fungal hyphae with embedded algae. Yeast Single-celled fungus that reproduces asexually by binary fission or by the pinching of small buds off a parent cell; some species exhibit cell fusion between different mating types.
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Unformatted text preview: Zoospore Flagellated spore found in chytrid fungi and some protists. Zygomycete (zi'-guh-mi'- set) Member of the fungal phylum Zygomycota, characterized by the formation of a sturdy structure called a zygosporangium during sexual reproduction. Zygosporangium (zi'-guh-spor-an'-je-um) In zygomycete fungi, a sturdy multinucleate structure in which karyogamy and meiosis occur....
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