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The succession of rapid cell divisions without significant growth during early embryonic development that converts the zygote to a ball of cells. Coelom (se´-lom) A body cavity lined by tissue derived only from mesoderm. Coelomate (se´-lo-mat) An animal that possesses a true coelom (a body cavity lined by tissue completely derived from mesoderm). determinate cleavage A type of embryonic development in protostomes that rigidly casts the developmental fate
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Unformatted text preview: of each embryonic cell very early. deuterostome development (du'-tuh-ro-stom´) In animals, a developmental mode distinguished by the development of the anus from the blastopore; often also characterized by radial cleavage and by the body cavity forming as outpockets of mesodermal tissue. Diploblastic Having two germ layers. Ecdysozoan Member of a group of animal phyla...
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