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gathers sugars, amino acids, water, and minerals from the parent gametophyte via transfer cells. (2) One of the three main parts of a mollusc; a muscular structure usually used for movement. See also mantle, visceral mass. gastrovascular cavity A central cavity with a single opening in the body of certain animals that functions in both the digestion and distribution of nutrients. Hemolymph (he'-mo-limf´) In invertebrates with an open circulatory system, the body fluid that bathes tissues. Hexapod An insect or closely related wingless, six-
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Unformatted text preview: legged arthropod. incomplete metamorphosis A type of development in certain insects, such as grasshoppers, in which the young (called nymphs) resemble adults but are smaller and have different body proportions. The nymph goes through a series of molts, each time looking more like an adult, until it reaches full size. Isopod A member of one of the largest groups of crustaceans, which includes terrestrial, freshwater, and marine species. Among the terrestrial isopods are the...
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